Gleem launches ‘Clean Office. Happy Office’ Campaign

Our friends from Gleem, one of the leading commercial cleaning services in Bristol, has announced the launch of its brand new ‘Clean Office. Happy Office’ campaign and reach out to the various commercial establishments in the city more proactively.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage the commercial establishments in the city to provide for a better environment and healthy working conditions to their staff by engaging a responsible office cleaning service.

gleem“We sincerely believe that having a clean office enhances employees’ morale and happiness and reflects a business in a positive light to its clients. Our endeavor is to take this message across to every commercial establishment in the city so as to ensure that their offices remain clean to achieve this objective. And in the process if we get a few new clients, it will be the icing on the cake!” said Mr. Joseph Edward, Founder & Director, Gleem Bristol

Established in 2014, Gleem, with the online brand of, is a family owned business conceived and managed by Mr. Joseph Edwards. The business specializes in the area of commercial office cleaning and aims to serve its customers through its own team of professional staff.

To maintain the quality of its services, the company takes pride in not ever outsourcing any cleaning contract to another service company as it takes its obligation to its customers seriously and keeps it by providing the cleaning services it promises through its own team.

Over the last few years, the company has earned itself an enviable reputation and a steady list of clients because of its quality work, affordable pricing, trustworthy team, and environmentally-friendly green cleaning products being used.

“We understand that a neat and clean office is a priority for most of our customers. To meet their goal, we offer quick and reliable commercial cleaning services at reasonable prices. Due to our commitment to deliver quality services, our regular customers particularly value our dedication to our work and the difference we are able to make in enhancing the appearance of their offices,” added Joseph.

Gleem’s Office Cleaning Bristol division offers its commercial screening services to a variety of commercial establishments, which include but are not limited to small offices, Auto Dealerships, Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Churches and Banks. The company is Insured to provide its customers with professional cleaning services while maintaining their trust and keeping their environment safe and secure.

“We understand that our new customers may not be keen on signing up for a long term locked-in contracts initially. As such, we offer flexible contract options such as month-to-month or more, whichever suits our client’s preferences. This has helped us not only in showcasing the quality of our services but also winning the trust of our clients, who inevitably sign up for our long-term contracts eventually,” concluded Mr. Edwards.

“We take immense pride in providing professional quality Bristol office cleaning service to all our clients. We are willing to customize an affordable unique office cleaning service plan and schedule most suited to our clients and are committed to service our clients with trustworthy reliable staff who work with our bonded and insured company.”

We wish them all the best with their new office cleaning division.

Home Cleaning and Rubbish removal recommendations

Are you living in London and tired of the rubbish around your home? Do you clean your home every day and still find the place looking dirty? Then this is for you.

Seek the services of a cleaning assistance right now because coming back to a home that is clean-up provides us all with a beautiful experience.

Home cleaning service will remove the whole rubbish in your home without you stressing yourself and you will enjoy your time with your family and friends. Home cleaning services are made to offer you the comfort you deserve as well as the precious time you need to enjoy your life with your loved ones.


Currently, there are lots of providers that are providing cleaning services in London at a competitive price. These types of cleaning providers have website and one could possibly get in contact with them by checking their website. It is possible to check on the internet and discover trusted and environmentally friendly house cleaning service. While you search, it is important to maintain some particular guidelines in your mind. Let’s begin with:

Timeline: When looking for a cleaning provider, it is recommended to check out the fact the organization abides by the timeliness. It is very important that the cleaning company should have a really good time management skills as well as finish up the cleaning without spending additional time.

  • We highly recommend

Cleaning tools and accessories: This is very important, whenever you are looking for a dependable cleaning provider, ensure that the service provider are appropriately prepared for the cleaning job at hand. Often times, cleaning is cumbersome as well as the task needs unique cleaning equipment. These products are important so as to get a good result, so ensure that a company has this before employing them to do the job.

Last Minute Move out Cleaning Activities

If you are moving out to a new house, you must maintain your reputation by ensuring that you engage in move out cleaning activities. This will not just help you get back your deposit but will improve your image among your former neighbors.

The first thing you ought to do is to talk to the utility companies (water and electricity) so that you turn off the utilities registered in your name. If there are any bills, ensure that you settle them before moving out.

The next thing you must do is to remove all the nails, or staples stack into the ceilings, walls and doors. If there are writings on the wall, use the magic erasers to remove them.

“If you think and plan your move out a few weeks in advance, everything should go smoothly on the moving day.” says Tom Stuart, founder of one of the best moving companies in Bournemouth.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Start by cleaning the sinks. The procedure is simple; just fill it with warm water, add a few detergents and ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned.

Drain the water and wipe down the faucet. If the sink is made from porcelain or stainless steel, using an old tooth brush or any other small brush will give you better results.

The Floor
The floor must be thoroughly swept and moped. Pull out the stove and the refrigerators so that the part of the floor on which they stand can be thoroughly cleaned. Carefully pull them so that you don’t damage the floor and the tiles.

Clean the Bathroom

You must ensure that the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned. Check the tub, the shower, remove all the buildup and wipe down all the fixtures.

The Living Room
After you are through with the kitchen and other rooms, turn your attention to the living room. Clean the windows, and wash the blinds. Ensure that you replace all the burnt out lights. If possible, upgrade the bulbs. Lastly, spot treat the carpets and mop the floor.

How To Clean Your House Quickly And Effectively

Cleaning is a chore that only people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) really love. However, some house cleaning techniques are more effective in some homes than others and changing your routine can help get the job done faster and more efficiently. Bellow you will find a few useful tips from our friends, Total Clean, one of the best cleaning companies in Bournemouth.

1. The Top-To-Bottom Technique

This technique means that you literally clean the house starting at the top and finishing at the bottom. Take your duster and dust cloth from room to room and remove any dust that has collected in the corners of the ceiling and on surfaces.

Next, make the beds, remove any laundry and pack away loose items where they belong. Remember to look under the beds or any other furniture for items that you may have missed. Take a refuse bag with you to each room and empty trash containers into the bag. Take any dishes into the kitchen. Wipe down the kitchen counters and cupboards with a wet cloth and your choice of detergent.

Collect all your bathroom cleaning materials in a bucket and clean all the fixtures. Replace any used towels and toilet paper. Wash, dry and pack away all the dirty dishes in the kitchen and take out the trash.

Lastly, you need to vacuum, sweep and wash the floors in each room.

2. The Room-By-Room Technique

This cleaning technique is not as speedy as the top-to-bottom cleaning routine. Basically, you would follow the same principle as explained above except that you will only clean one room at a time from top to bottom.

While it isn’t as fast, it is very efficient, especially under some circumstances. For example, if you don not have the house to yourself and your family or housemates keep messing where you have already cleaned.

Start cleaning in the least used space. Once you have finished cleaning one room, you can close the door and let the rest of the family spend time in another part of the house that has not been cleaned. When you reach the last room to be cleaned, preferably the lounge or entertainment area, kick everyone out to spend time outdoors so that you can finish your cleaning routine.

The more often you employ either of these techniques, the faster and more efficient you will become at cleaning your home. You can even mix it up a little and employ the two techniques on different days to meet your requirements.

You can read more cleaning technics and tricks here

Hope you enjoyed it :)


Easy Way To Clean Your House Within Minutes


House neatness is a necessity for each and every home in the world. It is usually such a headache for anyone who has a messy house. Cleaning it every day can be such a strenuous job. That is why it is important to formulate a plan that you can adhere to everyday that will ensure your house is always in order before you leave for your normal duties. Below I will tell you of an easy and a very cheap way to ensure your home is clean and well organized within minutes inspired from this SF house cleaning service blog:

1. Ensure that you make your bed once you wake up
It is good training for every individual to ensure that they make their bed once they wake up. No matter the size of your house, the first place you should start with is where you place your head for the nights rest. It is only appropriate that you ensure that before you go make some breakfast, the bed should be well made ready for the nightfall. Ensure that all the things lying on the floor and placed in their place but if you are in a hurry just lock them up in the closet.

2. Clean up the living room
This is the first place people get to see when they come into your house. It is usually very embarrassing to have visitors unexpectedly to an untidy house and it can portray a very poor image of yourself. Vacuum and dust your house every day and ensure the dishes from last night’s meal are not lying around. Toys, mail and anything else that should not be in the living room should be stashed in a bag and kept out of sight. Stack magazines neatly in a basket or at the end of the table. Use a microfiber cloth to dust the table horizontally and around the edges. Straighten the cushions, wipe off any stains around the seats, cushions and pillows and have a cloth over any permanent stains.

3. Tidy the bathroom
Ironically, this is the most sensitive part of the house that is mostly ignored by most individuals. A clean bathroom is a plus for any individual and can either make or wreck your house. It is therefore important to ensure that;

You squirt the toilet bowl cleaner and let it soak as you clean.
Stash any cosmetics and brushes neatly in a bag or a drawer if there is one in the bathroom.
Pick up any clothes lying around and stack them neatly in the laundry basket
Clean the toilet sink with some disinfectant and spray to keep it smelling fresh.
Wipe clean the mirrors and scrub the toilet with a brush and flush. Use disinfectants to wipe the toilet seats and outside of the toilet.
Shake out the toilet rug to keep it looking fresh and clean.

4.Finalize with the kitchen
Ensure that all the dishes are clean and neatly organized in their right places.
Disinfect all the counters to remove grime and stash any unnecessary appliances
Clean the sink thoroughly and ensure that you remove all the food particles and wipe down the faucet.

Hang all the dish towels
Empty the trash and take them outside and freshen the room.