Easy Way To Clean Your House Within Minutes


House neatness is a necessity for each and every home in the world. It is usually such a headache for anyone who has a messy house. Cleaning it every day can be such a strenuous job. That is why it is important to formulate a plan that you can adhere to everyday that will ensure your house is always in order before you leave for your normal duties. Below I will tell you of an easy and a very cheap way to ensure your home is clean and well organized within minutes inspired from this SF house cleaning service blog:

1. Ensure that you make your bed once you wake up
It is good training for every individual to ensure that they make their bed once they wake up. No matter the size of your house, the first place you should start with is where you place your head for the nights rest. It is only appropriate that you ensure that before you go make some breakfast, the bed should be well made ready for the nightfall. Ensure that all the things lying on the floor and placed in their place but if you are in a hurry just lock them up in the closet.

2. Clean up the living room
This is the first place people get to see when they come into your house. It is usually very embarrassing to have visitors unexpectedly to an untidy house and it can portray a very poor image of yourself. Vacuum and dust your house every day and ensure the dishes from last night’s meal are not lying around. Toys, mail and anything else that should not be in the living room should be stashed in a bag and kept out of sight. Stack magazines neatly in a basket or at the end of the table. Use a microfiber cloth to dust the table horizontally and around the edges. Straighten the cushions, wipe off any stains around the seats, cushions and pillows and have a cloth over any permanent stains.

3. Tidy the bathroom
Ironically, this is the most sensitive part of the house that is mostly ignored by most individuals. A clean bathroom is a plus for any individual and can either make or wreck your house. It is therefore important to ensure that;

You squirt the toilet bowl cleaner and let it soak as you clean.
Stash any cosmetics and brushes neatly in a bag or a drawer if there is one in the bathroom.
Pick up any clothes lying around and stack them neatly in the laundry basket
Clean the toilet sink with some disinfectant and spray to keep it smelling fresh.
Wipe clean the mirrors and scrub the toilet with a brush and flush. Use disinfectants to wipe the toilet seats and outside of the toilet.
Shake out the toilet rug to keep it looking fresh and clean.

4.Finalize with the kitchen
Ensure that all the dishes are clean and neatly organized in their right places.
Disinfect all the counters to remove grime and stash any unnecessary appliances
Clean the sink thoroughly and ensure that you remove all the food particles and wipe down the faucet.

Hang all the dish towels
Empty the trash and take them outside and freshen the room.